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How to pick up an online casino to playEveryone who has wanted to play online has probably wondered how to pick an online casino successfully. Does it make more sense to choose a casino based on its variety of games or on its bonus structures? Should you pick a South African online casino that has great security in place or one that is more focused on accepting players from all over the world, especially South Africa? What criteria should you use to make an informed decision? It all depends on what you want to get from your online casino, and how well it performs according to what other people have experienced.

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There is a lot to be said for word of mouth and if you are hoping to learn how to pick an online casino, you could benefit greatly from the experience of others. Before you register at any casino, consider reading up about what other people think. This means learning all you can about the casino from online forums and from the internet at large. You will most likely find that popular opinion really influences your decision. If most people, and sites, say that a particular casino is to be avoided, heed their word. Similarly, if many forums are raving about a certain casino, be sure to visit it.


While picking an online casino accepting rand (ZAR) according to other people’s opinions certainly has its place, you should use your own criteria, and common sense, too. This means understanding why you want to play and how a certain casino can meet your expectations in that regard. If your focus is on the number of progressive jackpots available, for example, because you want to win, choosing a casino that offers you this makes sense. Similarly, if you are very fraud phobic and want to ensure that the casino you play at is just as security conscious as you are, you should pick based on that criterion.

What is perhaps the most important thing to remember about this process is that you probably won’t pick a casino based only on one factor. It makes much more sense to make a list of the criteria you want a casino to meet and then find one that meets the top three. For example, you may want to play at a casino that offers you a variety of games across the board. That’s your first requirement. Your second may be that you need to be with a casino that is very security conscious. Finally, you may also be very cognisant of the fact that not all casinos offer a sign-up bonus, but that this is something you want. Finding a casino that has all three of those factors is not difficult, and with a little reading up, you could probably find one that meets your needs in under half an hour.


If you find the South African casino you are looking for the first time round, you’re be one of the lucky ones. Many people find that in their search to learn how to pick an online casino, they don’t always get it right immediately. Trial and error really matter when it comes to finding the casino to meet your needs and although on paper, you may find a casino that seems to offer everything you need, trying it may reveal that it just doesn’t work for you.

It is important to remember that sometimes, finding a casino that ‘fits’ is just as necessary as finding one that meets your criteria. If you have ever had a new colleague in the workplace who just doesn’t seem to ‘fit’, you will understand this perfectly. There may be a casino that you play at and that, in theory, has everything you need but something about it just doesn’t feel right to you. If this is the case, don’t try to force the relationship. Just accept that it’s not the casino for you and find another where the fit feels right.


Your quest to find the perfect online casino to meet your needs is one that should never end. Even if you have found just one online casino that caters to your needs, there is no danger in always keeping an eye out for another that could serve you just as well. While you may be happy with the casino that you have chosen, knowing how to pick an online casino is your ticket to finding another, better casino, should that first relationship go sour.

    Last Update : 21 April 2017