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iPhone and Android casinos are the most popular in the world of mobile and for those players who have devices that support these operating systems, finding a South African casino is easy. What can be difficult is finding a casino that suits your needs and if you don’t know what you should be getting from this type of casino, your decision will be almost impossible to make. When you start looking for a casino you can play on your smartphone or tablet, what are the main things you should be looking out for?

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Ashley Bekker
Ashley Bekker

The Functionality of Android Casinos

Before you download apps or visit mobile sites, think about what you are hoping to get from your Android casino. For the most part, words such as “great design”, “good bonuses” and “easy to use” will probably pop into your mind. Though the first two factors mentioned here are important, perhaps the first thing you should think about in regards to using a mobile casino is functionality. After all, if the site you want to use doesn’t work well, you’ll be so frustrated you won’t care much about the design or the bonuses on offer.

Functionality in Android casinos can be divided into two main parts. The first is typified in the term “ease of access”, while the second is in regards to working with your operating system. When we refer to ease of access, we are actually referring to how easy it is to navigate the app or mobi site and how much accessibility you are given. If you download a casino app, for example, that has four main sections that are easy to use and explore, you will likely be much happier to use it than you would an app with ten sections, only half of which are easy to navigate. Having access to every part of a South African mobile gambling site and being able to navigate are important.

When it comes to working with your operating system, this is easy to determine when you try the app or mobile site out. If the app crashes every few minutes, the chances are that your operating system is not supported, which means the site’s developers are not too concerned with regular updates. If a mobile site is not showing correctly on your screen, or it seems as though everything is uneven and hard to find, that is an operating system error too. In that case, the site may not even be responsive, which means that what you think is a mobile site is actually a normal website that won’t work well on your phone.

The Types of Games You Can Access

Your next port of call for choosing Android casinos should be based on the types of games that are available. Like many people, you probably want the same kind of variety on your phone that you would get from a desktop casino playing in rand (ZAR), but keep in mind that many South African online casinos are trying to keep their file sizes down, which means they won’t offer every single game on mobile that they do on desktop. That being said, if you try a few different casinos you can probably expect to see games such as slots, 3D slots, roulette, blackjack and other table games on your mobile.

Many of the top developers understand that when it comes to mobile, quality is more important than quantity. When you pick Android casinos to place your bets at, be sure to keep that in mind. After all, who wants to play at a casino that offers 100 “just okay” games over one that offers 10 brilliant ones?

Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

Finally, when choosing Android casinos, don’t forget that you can access all manner of bonuses when you try out casinos on your phone for the first time. Many casinos will offer you a bonus for registering, but be aware that if you already have a desktop account with that casino, you may not be able to claim the same bonus twice.

Some of the great Android casinos you should definitely try if you haven’t already include: Yebo Mobile Casino and Springbok Mobile Casino, both of which will give new players a R100 no deposit bonus free if they use the code PLAY100; SilverSands Mobile Casino which promises new players a R100 free bonus with no need to deposit; and Casino.com, which rather than handing out cash, offers mobile slots players a generous 200 free spins as their no deposit bonus.

Remember when choosing a mobile casino that your preferences may not be the same as everyone else’s, but be sure to give as many Android casinos as you can a try to ensure you make an informed decision.

Ashley bekker
Ashley Bekker

Editor & Product Owner

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