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Getting Started with Online Casinos

Playing games online can be a lot of fun, but if you’re just getting started with South African online casinos, it can seem intimidating. With terms like ‘no claim bonuses’ and ‘20-payline slots’, it is no surprise that many people find their first online gaming experience a little confusing. Some people even worry that they’ll lose all of their money the first time because they’re not sure how betting systems works. Others are concerned that even if they win, the casino they’re playing at won’t pay them out. To stop these worries in their tracks, follow this simple guide to help you make the most of your first online gaming experience.

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Ashley Bekker
Ashley Bekker
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Pick Your Casino Carefully

Before you sign up for an online casino, keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. Some online casinos offer their clients a magical experience including great games, lots of chances to win and very impressive bonuses. Others, however, may be more focused on getting your money than they are on creating a great experience for you. The first step to getting started with casinos online is to take a little time to find out which ones are best. If you don’t have time to search for that kind of information, you’re in luck. We have done all of the hard work for you and picked out the finest casinos for new players. Be sure to try some of our South African casino recommendations.

How to Sign up And Claim a Bonus at Online Casinos

Once you have decided on which South African online casino you want to play at, you will need to register. You will probably find that the casino offers you the opportunity to create a practice account or a real money account. As you may have guessed, the practice account gives you access to all of the games for free. You’ll be able to play as long as you want to, try out all of the games and have a great time, but any money you win won’t actually be yours. Using a practice account is a great way to try new games and find the ones you prefer before you spend your real money. Once you are done practicing and ready to win some real cash, you will need to register a real money account by following the prompts.

After you’ve signed up and have your account details, you may be presented with the chance to redeem a bonus. Understanding bonuses can be a little complex, but when you’re getting started with casinos, the only ones you’ll need to worry about are the sign-up and first deposit bonuses. The sign-up bonus is usually given to anyone who signs up for an account, while the first deposit bonus is given to you when you deposit your money for the first time.

If you want to claim these bonuses, you will need to visit the cashier. Click the cashier button and follow the prompts to enter your code and claim your bonus. Note that some bonuses have a wagering requirement, which means to claim the money you win using that bonus, you will need to use it to bet on certain games, a certain number of times. Remember to read the terms and conditions of using bonuses at that casino carefully to avoid disappointment.

Real Money, Real Fun

Once you have money in your real money account and want to start playing, you may be faced with a new dilemma, namely, what to play. As a first-timer, you will probably want to give all of the games a try from the tables to the slots to video poker. This is exactly what you should do. Note however that some games have a very high wagering requirement and if you want to try a few games out, you will need to keep a close eye on how much money each game requires from you.

One of the elements that makes playing at online casinos fun is the chance to win. However, you may notice that not all games offer you the same payout. A payout is the amount that you could win at each game, and this is determined by the South African casino you choose to play at. Some games give you the chance of a big payout while others have a payout that is quite small. To find out which is which, you will need to consult each game’s paytable. This is a table or grid that is linked to the machines or table which shows you how much you could win if you hit on a certain combination. This applies to the slots, the tables and to other games too. To find the paytable, simply look for the paytable button on the game you are playing.

Feeling a little more confident about getting started with casinos? Then register now at one of our top-rated online casinos accepting rand (ZAR). We’ve listed them for you to make getting started with casinos much easier. Good luck and enjoy your online gaming experience.

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Ashley Bekker

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