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best-online-casinosIf you were to guess which the best online casinos are right now, would your preferred casino be on that list? Making a decision about which online casino to play at tends to be a snap decision for many people, but we’ve thought long and hard about which South African casinos make the grade according to how much they are able to offer players and what kind of experiences players can expect. Want to know which we’ve picked for the top?


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South African casino players are not like others in any other country. We are unique, we have a unique culture and we understand what it means to be a nation at the forefront of change. With this in mind, we need to be able to access online casinos that can give us a uniquely South African experience, and that means more than just a special bonus on Heritage Day. Some of the criteria against which the best online casinos south africa accepting rand (ZAR) are measured include their respect for our money, their support and their offerings.

The first, respect for money, is a criterion that is especially important to South Africans. We know that the South African economy has taken a bit of knock in recent years. With e-tolls, the petrol price and inflation, we don’t have a lot of money to spend at online casinos, so it is important that any South African casino, either online or land-based, has the power to help us stretch our money. Whether it is through promotions, free offerings or games with low wagering requirements, if a casino wants to make our “best” list, they have to be focused on helping us enjoy what little disposable income we have.

Support is another important factor. While South Africans are some of the friendliest people in the world, we always speak up when service isn’t good. A great casino then, should be able to give us the right support when we need it, and always offer a little something extra to give us a positive experience every time. As for a casino’s offerings, the games, promotions and bonuses offered at SA casinos should have a little bit of local flavour. While we understand that not every promotion can as juicy as a boerie roll, it is important to SA players that their casinos are thinking about how to make their experience uniquely South African.


So according to the breakdown of requirements above, which casinos make the best online casinos list?

Our first in line has to be Springbok Casino and if the name doesn’t already scream “uniquely South African” experience, then the promotions, support and security will. This is a casino that really understands what it means to live in SA, as well as what every player in the country needs. It is one of the few casinos accepting rand (ZAR) online and has a lot of bonuses, promotions and more to offer.

Next on the list is Silver Sands Casino, which is one of the casinos that has been on the online gaming scene the longest. Though it does offer international players a chance to play in euros or pounds, you cannot fault its experience in dealing with SA players. It makes use of Real Time Gaming Software, offers generous no deposit and welcome bonuses and is a secure casino that uses excellent safety technology.

A new kid on the block, Yebo Casino features next on the list. Offering a decent welcome bonus and playing options in rand (ZAR) only, this up and comer is starting to make a very good name for itself in online gaming. Number four is Europa Casino, and though the name may seem very Euro-centric, don’t let it fool you. This Playtech casino understands South Africans and what they need, and has no problem giving it to them. Finally, Casino Tropez also makes the list because of its large promotional offers that help budget-conscious South Africans make their money stretch further.

One special mention has to be made for Winner Casino. Though it doesn’t make the list of top five casinos, this is a great one to try out once you’ve tried the other five, and will offer you impressive no deposit and welcome bonuses. Now that you know which are the best online casinos you should be playing at, isn’t it time you get started?

Last Update : 15 October 2021