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highroller-casinosWhen the phrase “highroller casinos” is used, the image conjured up is one of fancy tables and people dressed to the nines betting thousands of rand at a time with no care for the outcome of the game. While this may have been the case in the 1920s, more modern online highroller casinos cater for the people who like to play high stake casino games without the need to get dressed up and make a show of it. Many South African casinos have the facilities to cater for these types of players and with their special bonuses, VIP loyalty programmes and more, they make every online highroller experience, a really great one.


The best highroller casinos have a number of offerings that make their clientele come back time and time again. These include the very high welcome bonuses that are proportionally larger than the bonuses you would find at typical online casinos. Of course in this case, the word “proportion” should tell you about the kind of investments high rollers have to make to get the big bonuses. When a casino identifies a client as a high roller, they will usually think about that player’s future with the casino. The potential for that player to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of rand at the casino is huge, and that means a lot of money for the casino. That, combined with a high initial deposit, is the reason these casinos are willing to offer their high rollers exorbitant bonuses.

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The top South African casinos that cater to high rollers also have very sleek and well managed VIP programmes in place. These are based on loyalty and since the casino sees a bigger profit from repeat players, it offers highrollers the opportunity to get rewards every time they make a deposit, every time they play and even when they try new games. These programmes usually consist of a number of tiers, which players have to work their way up in order to get bigger bonuses and more Exclusive offers.


Most highroller casinos in SA offer the same kinds of games you would find at general casinos, and they do this for a very specific reason. These kinds of casinos actually cater to all types of players who might want to try them out, and that means they need to have everything from penny slots for the players who are on a budget, to high stakes tables where the highrollers can make large wagers.

It is important to note that though these casinos will cater for almost any type of player, they do have certain banking limits in place. The higher rollers will usually have access to increased limits both on their deposits and their withdrawals, so while a penny slot player may only be able to withdraw R5 000 at a time, for example, a high roller could withdraw up to R100 000 or more. The withdrawal rates for highrollers are also faster, which means if they win, they’ll be able to gain access to their winnings faster.


If you want to start playing high stakes games and get all of the benefits of playing at a highroller South African online casino, there are a few things you will need to do. First, you need to ensure that your deposits are large enough to classify you as a high roller at an online casino accepting rand (ZAR). Each casino is different, so ensure you take the time to find out how high this amount should be.

Next, be sure to find out about the casino’s VIP programme. Some highroller casinos do allow players who have made their first deposit to automatically be enrolled in the VIP programme, but others will make you work for it. Make sure you understand what is required from you as a VIP at a casino and you should have no problems working your way up the tiers, and accessing all of the benefits that come with that.

Remember that while the requirements of playing at highroller casinos may seem quite strict, these are the casinos that only very exclusive players can access and if you want to be a part of that set, and reap the benefits, meeting the requirements will be quite easy.

Last Update : 15 October 2021