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Best South African Online Casinos Accepting Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer

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Ashley Bekker
Ashley Bekker
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Wire transfer or direct bank transfers as known by in South Africa is one of the many payment methods you can use when you play at an online casino and though it is not the favourite amongst players, it has a number of benefits that make it well worth trying out for both deposits and withdrawals. 

A direct bank transfer allows you to transfer money to your favourite online casino in very much the same way that you would transfer money to a friend or family member that holds a South African Bank account. A wire transfer is when funds have to be transferred internationally, to a non-SA bank and is better known as a SWIFT transfer. 

This deposit method has gained a lot of popularity in Europe though it is not commonly used by players at South African online casinos, as it could take a few days before your funds reach the casinos international bank account. It is however a popular choice for player withdrawals. So why would you use these forms of payment over the more popular eWallet or bank cards? In the table below, we list the best ZAR online casinos that accept deposits and process withdrawals via bank transfer.  

The Benefit and Drawbacks of Wire Transfer & Bank Transfers

Wire transfers are generally considered an older fashioned method of making deposits than some of the others currently available, but many people still depend heavily on them, as they provide a number of levels of safety, they are dependable and they don’t carry the stigma of unreliability that some of the newer forms of payment do. Additionally, many casinos offer special bonuses to players who make deposits using this method as it is very difficult for players to charge back funds. This means that casinos have less of a headache in the long term, which is why they are happy to incentivise the use of this payment method.

However, choosing to use a wire transfer/bank transfer does come with its drawbacks. For one, this payment method can take a number of days to be effected and in our society, faster is always better. Visiting a casino accepting rand (ZAR) to play a game is something you want access to immediately, and thus having to wait three to five working days for your money to come through seems pretty unrealistic.

Another potential drawback for online casino players is that wire transfers tend to have heavy fees attached to them for those who live outside of Europe. When it comes to playing your favourite games, one thing you don’t want is to have to sacrifice part of your potential bet to “fees”.

Security and Privacy at Casinos

One of the biggest benefits of using wire transfer/bank transfer to make deposits at your online casino is privacy. For many players, using a credit card is a little scary as it leaves a detailed paper trail. Wire transfer does offer some form of additional privacy but it is really the security of using it that players appreciate. It is important to keep in mind that banks in SA may query any direct payments you make to an online casino, even a legitimate one, and so wire transfer allows you to add an extra level to the payment process, just in case.

Though wire transfer is one of the safest ways to make payments at an online casino, it also carries some of the heaviest fees. Many players have found, when moving into the digital age, that ewallet systems serve them just as well as wire transfer but allow for faster payment processing and lower fees.

Using Wire Transfer/Bank Transfers at an Online Casino

When you want to make a wire transfer at an online casino, you will need a few pieces of information in order to make a deposit. First, you’ll need to visit the casino’s cashier and indicate that you want to use a wire transfer to fund your account. Next, you’ll need your bank account number, your routing number and your bank’s SWIFT code.

The first is quite easy to get and you’ll find your bank account number on any bank statement sent to you by your bank. Next, you’ll need your routing number, which is a number you will need to ask your bank for. In some cases, this number will appear at the bottom of your cheque book, though these days, people seldom own cheque books. Finally, you will need your bank’s SWIFT code. This code can be found in one of two ways. You can either call your bank to ask for it, or find it on the internet.

Once you have all of the details you need, you should have no problem using wire transfer/bank transfer to fund your South African online casino account and start playing.

Ashley bekker
Ashley Bekker

Editor & Product Owner

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