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Online Roulette Guide

Online roulette is not really considered the most popular game in online casinos, despite the fact that it has a stable fan base. However, it is really online slots, video poker and blackjack that seem to get all of the attention, which is why new players generally don’t give roulette a fair chance.

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Ashley Bekker
Ashley Bekker
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What Can Online Roulette Do for You?

A simple game based on a little bit of betting strategy and a little bit of luck, online roulette has a lot to offer players both in terms of the entertainment value of the game and the wins. So why aren’t more people playing it?

The Rules of The Game

One of the reasons people don’t try online roulette is that they find the rules intimidating. While betting on black or red is a simple enough choice, having to understand the zeros, double zeros and other betting types can be scary for players who are used to simply putting a coin into a slot and pressing the “Deal” button. But learning how to play the game is actually very easy and with the game’s unique combination of luck and strategy, it has a lot to offer players.

So how does it work? Well, every bet you make at the roulette table has a set of odds attached to it. If you place a bet on black, your odds are 50:50, since the outcome is very limited. If you take a chance and bet on one specific number, your odds will be either higher or lower depending on which number you choose. The same is true for betting on two numbers, on four numbers, or on the zero value. One of the most important things to keep in mind with roulette is that your win is proportionate to your bet, so the more risky your bet, the bigger your win could be.

What Benefits Does Online Roulette Offer?

Besides the obvious benefits of playing at online casino accepting rand (ZAR), playing roulette online has a lot more benefits than playing at a land-based casino. The convenience of playing online is a given, but what is very appealing about online roulette is the variety of games on offer. In a land-based casino, you are limited in as far as what types of roulette you can play. Since space is an issue in these casinos, there will usually only be one or two roulette tables. In the online game, space is not an issue, so you could play American roulette, European roulette, Roulette Royale and more in the space of half an hour.

The betting limits are more variable when you play online too. In a land-based casino, you would be limited to betting in certain increments at the table and the casino would determine these based on what is best for its general clientele. Obviously online, no such limits exist and you’ll find that whether you’re a high roller registered at the top South African online casino or someone who likes to make small bets, online roulette can offer you that betting variety.

The Popularity of The Game

Currently, roulette is increasing in popularity amongst new players to online casinos but this is a slow process. As the game is largely misunderstood, many players still shy away from the wheel, which is why online casinos have tried to revive the game with more features. Some of the top South African casinos are now hosting live dealer roulette, which gives players the same experience online that they would usually only get in a land-based casino. The live dealer games include chat functionality, video and more to ensure that the experience feels as lifelike for the player as possible.

A lot of casinos have also upped their variety to try and increase interest in the game. New variants include mini roulette (where the wheel is smaller but the odds are better), are starting to entice players by offering them a different take on the traditional game, and some have even said that “progressive jackpot roulette” is not off the cards for the future.

Though the game of roulette may not be the first one you’d usually try when you visit your favourite online casino, you could be missing out on huge payouts and a truly enthralling experience, so why not give online roulette a try and see what the game has to offer you?

Ashley bekker
Ashley Bekker

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