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Best South African Online Slots Guide

Online Slots Winner Tips

Online slots are not games that you can influence through a planned strategy. Unlike poker or even blackjack, heading over to your favourite South African online casino to play the slots requires very little know-how or planning. Because of the way in which the slot machines are created and developed, there is very little you can do to change your luck; but believe it or not, there are a few tips you can use when you play the online slots to ensure that, as often as possible, you walk away a winner.

How Online Slots Work

Online slots are developed based on a set algorithm. That algorithm is what determines whether you win or lose, but it is random. Some slot machines are created different to others, which is why it can sometimes seem as though one particular game seems to be paying out more than another. It is important to remember that no matter how you approach an online slot, there is no way to guarantee a win, so don’t bother buying into the online “guaranteed win” programmes, apps or e-books. As much as it may be tempting to shell out R99 for an e-book with “guaranteed” strategies for the slots at South African online casinos, the only person who will end up with more money in that situation is the e-book’s author.

So How Can You Increase Your Chances?

Though there is no guaranteed way to win at online slots, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to increase your chances of walking away a winner. One of these includes setting a budget. One of the most common problems that players experience when they play the slots is that they keep depositing more and more money into their accounts in the hopes that their luck will change. It may be hard to accept, but some days, you just won’t have luck on your side and no matter how much money you plug into the machine, you won’t be able to hit that big progressive jackpot. Rather than setting your hopes too high and being disappointed, set yourself a practical budget. Once the money’s gone, walk away and try another day.

Another great strategy to ensuring you walk away as a winner is to do just that; set yourself a top win limit and stick to it. In laymen’s terms, this means determining what you would like to win (be realistic) and once you reach that goal, take your money and walk away. Think about it. If you deposit R100 at casinos accepting rand (ZAR) and decide that you want to win at least R500, that’s still five times what you started with. If you win anything above that amount, you’ve won no matter how small the sum you take home is.

Alternatives to Traditional Online Slots

While you may be playing the online slots with your heart set on that million rand progressive, be aware that there are other ways to win and still enjoy the slots. Entering a tournament, for example, provides a thrill of its own since the buy-in amount is set. For your R20 buy-in, you’ll be able to sit and spin the reels for… well, as long as the given time limit. If you happen to be the lucky player who has hit it big, you’ll walk away with the pot. If not, you’ll still have had the opportunity to have fun.

Another strategy is to make your deposits at online casinos that offer free spins as a deposit bonus. This will give you more time to try and win. Other alternatives you can try include the more classic three- and five-reel slots. While these may not yield the huge progressive bonuses of video slots, they do have their own simple charm and because there are so few reels, your wager per line can be larger than it would be on video slots, which means more payout if you win (do the maths: R20 divided by 20 paylines is R1 per payline, but R20 divided by five paylines is R4 per payline).

Sadly, there is no way to beat the casino when it comes to online slots and though most players have tried and tested every method listed on every online forum, they too have found that you just can’t sway luck your way. However, online slots are about fun as much as they are about the win, so follow the strategies listed here to ensure you get the best of both.

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