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With the addition of new online casinos to the world of gaming every day, there is a lot of excitement about what the future holds for players at online casinos. Though you may be satisfied with the casino you currently play at, consider this: there is a lot of technology, software and financial upgrading being done in the world of online gaming that could make the experience better, faster and more convenient for you, every time you log on.

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Ashley Bekker
Ashley Bekker
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What Kind of New Online Casinos Can We Expect to See?

One of the trends that has already hit the world of online casinos is multi-platform gaming. This has been in effect for a few years now, but developers are starting to perfect what they are seeing as an art. Multi-platform gaming, in its simplest terms, is the ability for a casino to host its full offering of games on all types of devices and all operating systems. You may have noticed the list of casinos on Free-Casinos.co.za includes mobile casinos. This is to accommodate for that trend, and to ensure that when you play games, you have the option of accessing them on your desktop, your mobile or your tablet.

An extension of this that we may see in years to come will be in console gaming. In the same way that children access their favourite games on a Wii or PlayStation, you too could be able to access South African online casinos using these devices too. For now though, developers are focused on mobile, which is why you will see a lot of mobile-only casinos being added to the offering of casinos.

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What Will Happen to Land-Based and Desktop Casinos?

Future forward thinkers are saying that though the introduction of trends such as the ones mentioned above should have very little impact on desktop casinos, they could influence physical casinos in a negative way. However, it is vital to remember that the same was said some time back about desktop casinos’ impact on physical casinos, an impact that is yet to be felt by the likes of Emperor’s Palace and Sun City. It is important to remember that physical and online casinos are not at odds with one another. Each provides its own unique experience, and caters to different people at different times.

The Promos Are Changing Too

If you’ve ever visited more than one online casino, you may notice that the promotions they have on offer all start to seem very similar. This is something that will change for the better in the future, as casinos will need to work much harder to keep their players interested, due to the amount of competition they face. Expect to be enticed with prizes such as cars, tablets and even rugby tickets instead of simple bonus promotions as casinos start working harder to offer you experiences instead of just cash.

Social Media Will Change the Face of New Online Casinos

Playing at an online casino used to be a taboo subject, one that you generally didn’t discuss with friends and family. Now, with the stigma falling away, more people are having conversations face to face about their online gaming experiences. Many of these conversations will start happening on social media and that means the voice of the consumer will need to be taken seriously.

In layman’s terms, this means that instead of you trying to talk to a nameless, faceless person behind a phone number or email address, you’ll be able to start a conversation on social media. Social media gives a lot of power to people, instead of power sitting with big brands, and in the world of online casinos accepting rand (ZAR), that means your favourite casino will need to ensure that every conversation they have with you, and your friends, on social media is a good one, since everyone can see it.

With the world changing at a rapid pace, there will probably be a lot more trends that change the face of online gaming in the future. Not only will you see a lot of new technology, new promotions and new games offered by your favourite casinos, but you will also see new online casinos that are different to the ones you know, and that make gaming experiences more thrilling than ever before.

Ashley bekker

Ashley Bekker

Editor & Product Owner

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Meet Ashley Bekker, an accomplished online casino writer known for her engaging articles on the latest games, promotions, and bonuses. Her passion for online gambling started after studying at Stellenbosch University and has led her to become a respected voice in the industry. With a love for blackjack and a dedication to her work and family, Ashley manages multiple responsibilities with ease. She brings a diverse skill set and commitment to excellence to her role at Free Casinos, making her a valuable asset to both the company and the online casino community.

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