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easyeftEasyEFT is one of the payment forms used at Online Casinos in South Africa which allows players to make a quick electronic funds transfer from their bank accounts straight to the casino for free, without the need for a credit card or registration. This payment service is secure, and allows players to gain access to the funds in their real money accounts relatively fast, but while this form of payment has its advantages, many players do not yet know that it could make their payments much easier. The following South African Online Casinos accept the EasyEFT banking method.

springbok-casino-small-logo R300 Free R10,000  check-logo  ZAR Only  check-logo VISIT CASINO
mrplay-casino-small-logo 5 Free Spins
 check-logo  ZAR EUR, GBP  check-logo VISIT CASINO
Punt Casino R200 Free R10,000  check-logo  ZAR Only  check-logo VISIT CASINO
Thunderbolt Casino  R350 Free 
 check-logo  ZAR Only  check-logo VISIT CASINO
7spins-casino-small R450 Free   check-logo  ZAR EUR, GBP  check-logo VISIT CASINO
magic-red-casino-logo R20,000  check-logo  ZAR  check-logo VISIT CASINO
casino-joy-logo  200 Free Spins 
 check-logo  ZAR , $  check-logo VISIT CASINO
Yebo Casino R350 Free + R12,000   check-logo  ZAR Only  Not Accepted VISIT CASINO
Springbok Online Casino R350 Free + R11,500   check-logo ZAR Only  Not Accepted VISIT CASINO
genesis-casino-logo R15,000 Free   check-logo  ZAR, €, £  Not Accepted VISIT CASINO
rich-casino-logo R300 Free + R10,000   check-logo  ZAR, €, £, $  Not Accepted VISIT CASINO
yeti-casino-small-logo R3,333 Free  check-logo  ZAR, €, £  check-logo VISIT CASINO


EasyEFT has both advantages and disadvantages for players who are looking for a new payment method to use at their favourite casino accepting rand (ZAR). This South African system was initially created in order to offer online products and services providers with a way to allow their customers to make easier online payments. Because it is South African, it is a product that shows a real understanding of what South African online casino players need and therefore, when you use it, you’ll find that the process from payment to playing becomes a really smooth one.

One of the little known facts about this payment method is that though it is a South African tool for South African players, its offices are based in Mauritius. EasyEFT does promise a safer process for players, though as it is a relatively new payment form, many players may have trouble fully trusting it though. Casinos really like this method of payment as it is secure, which means less chance of fraud and fewer chargebacks.

So what are the disadvantages? Well, while EasyEFT does provide security for online players, this does come at a cost. Though the fee is quite small, some players may worry that paying a fee to EasyEFT means they will have less money to use on the games at the casino, which could be a little frustrating.

Because it is an online banking system that makes use of your bank account, you will also need to have an account, which means for those players hoping for anonymity, this may not be the right payment solution to use. Every time you make use of this system, you will also need to enter your banking details, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. In terms of the former, this means more security, but in terms of the latter, this means more hassle and the process is more time consuming.


There are a number of online casinos at which you can use EasyEFT to make a payment, but you will need to sign up for the service first. Once you have an account, try out Springbok Casino but take note that they only allow deposits over R25 when using EasyEFT. The deposit time is instant though, so you could go from sign up to playing very quickly.

Another one to try is Yebo Casino which also has a R25 minimum deposit but allows for instant pay and play. Additionally, there is no minimum withdrawal amount at Yebo Casino for this payment form, so if you find yourself a winner, you could be paid out quite quickly and easily.

Remember that for a full list of casinos accepting EasyEFT, you can check Free-Casinos list of top casinos. Be sure to use the bonus codes provided when you play and keep an eye out for regular promotions that offer bonuses for the use of certain payment methods. You may need to wait some time before finding a promotion where a bonus is offered for using EasyEFT, but you can claim bonuses for using other payment methods in the meantime.

Last Update : 15 October 2021