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If you were to guess which the most popular South African games at an online casino are, you might put the slots, Roulette and video poker right at the top of the list. While these games do have very large audiences, they are surprisingly not the ones South Africans play most often. In fact, the game that takes the number one spot may surprise you.


Play at your Popular South African GamesThough there is a lot of speculation regarding the games South Africans love and those they hate, it seems that right at the bottom of the list is the game of Bingo. This is not very surprising, given that bingo is a game that is favoured more by Americans than by our nation, but the fact that it even makes the list is quite puzzling. It seems that South Africans enjoy the game for the same reason they like the slots. Bingo is easy to play, easy to understand and for a small investment, you could emerge with a lot of money. Of course, unlike the slots, bingo is not very action-packed.

Next on the list of South African casino games is the card game, baccarat. Though once you learn to play it, it is a very engrossing game, many South Africans find that it is not an intuitive game and as such, it takes too much precious playing time to learn how it works. After baccarat, scratch cards come in to take seventh place. Not many casinos actually offer scratch cards, which may be the reason they are so low on the list.


The other games South Africans play at online casinos accepting rand (ZAR) include keno, pai gow poker and roulette. It is no surprise that these games make up a small section of the popular South African games list, as they are interesting only to the informed few. All of these games take a bit of learning and it is this learning curve that can be a bit off-putting to an SA audience.

Surprisingly though, in fourth position on the list, are the slots. South Africans enjoy playing the slots online but not excessively so. The reason for this may be that though the slots are easy and intuitive to play, they don’t offer rewards that are as large as some of their table-based counterparts. Also, they are based on chance and there is very little player control. The only control the player has, in fact, is over how much they will wager.


In third place, the game of blackjack is one that South African players adore. The game offers players an element of control in how they bet and what they do with their cards, and each round is relatively fast. In this game, bets can be wither large or small and this means that the game caters for a broad audience.

Video poker is next on the list and though it takes up the number two spot, is as different to both blackjack and the game in first position as can be. Video poker is a game based on the draw of the cards, but unlike its table based counterpart, is a game that can be played alone. As many players access online casinos so that they can enjoy a little solitude while they play, video poker serves its purpose well.

Finally, the highest rank in the list of popular South African games goes to the tried and trusted game of poker. Played for hundreds of years, poker is a game that is based on strategy, and has so many different variants that even the most experienced players can learn a few new tricks depending on which variant they play. Playing poker at an online casino also allows players to access a social element of the game without having to actually leave the house or talk to anyone else. They can play with other players but with a fair bit of cyber distance between them.


This list of popular South African games is based on popular opinion but there is no way to determine with certainty which games will be at the top of a list unless certain parameters are defined. Some people may say that what makes a popular game is how many people play it, while others may argue that a popular game is defined by how much money it has brought to online casinos in total over a fixed period. A list such as this one then, is a constantly changing organism and though poker may be in pole position today, by the end of the year, who knows which game South Africans will love?

Last Update : 15 October 2021