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Playing in Rand (ZAR) currency at online South African casinos is not a recent development, although the laws that govern those online casinos have changed in the last year. South Africans have long been accessing online casinos where they could play in any currency from US dollars to euro, and with high investments came some pretty high payouts. Winning just a hundred dollars would see South African patrons walking away with over a thousand rands, given the exchange rate, but at what cost.


For many people being able to engage in South African gambling in their own currency is important because it helps them track what they are spending and the return on that investment. Imagine visiting an online casino and making a deposit of $10. If you are not keeping up to date with the latest exchange rates, this could mean you’ve invested as little as a R100 into the casino, or as much R130. In smaller bets, this won’t make much of a difference, but once you achieve high roller status, it starts to matter a lot. The exchange rate is a big influencer when it comes to playing online, and if you don’t have to worry about it, you won’t have the additional concern of wondering why your bet doesn’t last as long this week as it did last week.

Another benefit of playing in rand (ZAR) currency is that you won’t have to worry about additional bank charges that come with converting funds. Some casinos allow you to purchase a certain amount of credit in a different currency and then convert it on your behalf. In both cases, there are charges that you will need to pay in order to start playing. This means that buying $10 in an online casino could end up costing you close to R150. It doesn’t seem fair or logical does it?


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Playing online at a casino accepting rand (ZAR) is very easy. To do it, all you need to do is find a casino that is licensed in SA, register and make your deposit. Of course, if you decide to play at a casino that doesn’t have a South African licence, you may encounter problems not just with making a deposit, but also with being on the wrong side of the law. You’ll find that most casinos, either on your desktop or on your mobile, will use geolocation services to determine which country you come from. The first time you visit that casino, you will automatically be shown bonus amounts in rands.

This certainly makes it easier for you to make a deposit, but keep in mind that South African gambling law dictates that any deposits you make at an online casino must be done with your credit or debit card. On their part, this makes it easier to track your activities and on your part, it has a few benefits too. For one thing, using your debit or credit card lets you track what you’ve spent with no need to convert currency, which could happen if you used a service like PayPal or Neteller, which are essentially middlemen. Another benefit is that it is very secure, considering that most SA cards are either Visa or MasterCard, and these make use of online 3D secure payment systems, that allow you to pay and play quickly and safely.


Be aware that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has a right to audit your bank accounts after you have a submitted your tax for the season. If you have been playing at online casinos that are not rand based, or that have paid you out in a foreign currency, you will run into problems. Note also that it is illegal to use an online casino to run foreign money through it, and into your bank account, in order to avoid declaring those funds. This is a criminal act and could result in jail time. If you have money sitting in a foreign bank account, or in a service such as PayPal, and you want to get it into you SA bank account, you will need to go through the correct channels.

Playing in rand (ZAR) currency makes more sense when you have a South African bank account and want to have fun without worrying about exchange rates and additional charges. Remember when you do play to always stick to the safe side of the law by ensuring the casino you’ve chosen gives you the option of a using a real money South African account.

Last Update : 07 December 2018